Furniture assembly

Our company offers assembly and installation services for all types of furniture. Our staff will come to you with the necessary tools and will assemble even complex products, such as a built-in closet or a kitchen, in a short period of time. You only need an application form on our website, and acceptance of the finished work.
We work both with furniture from major and widespread manufacturers with typical schemes and principles of assembly, and with the products of various companies that produce goods to order.
Assembly and installation of the latter can be complicated by drawings, design features and the room where the furniture will be located. However, for our assemblers this will not be a problem, as they are true professionals who are not afraid of difficulties. Our portfolio contains many atypical cases that have been successfully completed by our masters.
In addition, our employees follow furniture innovations, so they can assemble even the most modern models equipped with unusual mechanisms.
We also offer furniture disassembly services, which will come in handy for people who are planning to move. It is better to transport in disassembled form than large furniture in its entirety, because they have less weight and volume, and it is easier to load it into the vehicle. In addition, transport furniture in disassembled form is safer, it reduces the likelihood of damage, chipping and scratches.
In addition to assembling kitchens and various cabinet and upholstered furniture, we assemble and disassemble closets, children’s play rooms, shelving in stores and warehouses, complex manufacturing structures, which require additional strength, preliminary planning, and special tools.

Our assemblers work professionally and responsibly

Our specialists have all the necessary qualities of professional assemblers:
– Experience in assembling all types of furniture – we have been providing assembly services for many years and hire only experienced employees.
– Punctuality – our workers will come exactly at the pre-arranged time, so as not to ruin your plans.
– Spatial thinking – speeds up the work as it allows you to visualize the finished product before assembly even begins.
– Technical mindset – the ability to work with numbers and geometric shapes allows you to quickly read schemes and assemble the elements in the finished design.
– Accuracy – we assemble your furniture without any damage and take all the garbage away.
– Meticulousness – our employees carefully study the instructions for assembly to provide the best service.
– Attentiveness and politeness – our staff listens to all the wishes of the client and always communicates politely with them, because satisfied clients are the main goal of our business.
All our specialists are familiar with the basic principles of assembly and the nuances of installation of each type of furniture, they can read charts and are fluent in the tools they use.

Why is it better to turn to professionals?

People often try to save money on furniture assembly, trying to mount it by themselves. During self-assembly, unforeseen difficulties can arise, such as:
– Breakage of individual elements or the entire structure – Incorrectly connected parts can break or shift the center of gravity of the furniture, causing the structure to break or even fall.
– Deterioration of appearance – scratches, design deflections, and crooked parts can occur during improper assembly or installation in the wrong sequence.
– Loss of parts and discovery of “extra” elements after assembly – when assembling complex designs, an inexperienced assembler can lose important parts or fail to put hidden parts that affect the appearance and quality of the furniture.
– Lack of necessary tools – in the process, you may discover a lack of any tools, without which it is impossible to complete the assembly. In this case, you will lose time and finances to purchase.
– Lack of necessary skills – sometimes furniture manufacturers make schemes that are incomprehensible to the average person, which only a professional can understand.
Do not waste your time, energy and finances on trying to assemble and install the furniture yourself. Leave it to us, professional and experienced assemblers to save resources for the really important things.
The cost of the service will depend on the type of furniture, the complexity of the design, the conditions provided for assembly, the time spent on the work, and the day of the week on which the service is provided. To know the price of your order, leave it in a special window or order a call on our official website. An operator will contact you to clarify all the details and calculate the total cost.


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