Further information and conditions

1. Minimum fee, calculation of working hours and terms of rates.

1.1 The minimum charge for services is the charge for the first hour or according to the service offered and the arrangement.
1.2 After the first hour, time is charged to the nearest quarter hour. After the first hour, each quarter of the started hour shall be credited.
1.3 For Tallinn, the time is counted from the moment of arrival to the client and until the end of the work. With the exception of services to the suburbs and
Tallinn, such as Viimsi, Haabneeme, Muuga, Iru, Loo, Maardu, Kiili, Jõelähtme, Peetri, Rae, Laagri, Harku, Päasküla, Tiskre, etc. Also, if
the service ends in the suburbs and nearby areas, the return journey time to Tallinn is counted.
1.4 When providing services outside the city (15 km from the city limits) to the hourly tariff is added a fee for kilometrage: from 0.36 euro/km to 0.54 euro/km, depending on the type of transport.
1.5 For international removals and relocations the round trip (round trip) mileage is calculated according to the map on the website www.google.maps.com,
1.5 For international removals, the mileage in round trip (return trip) is calculated in accordance with the map on the website.
1.6 Extra fees may be charged for urgent personal deliveries and/or calls (to be negotiated with the client).
1.7 On weekends, holidays and outside business hours (after 18:00) rates for all types of services are higher than on weekdays and during business hours.
1.8 Late evening and night time (from 20:00 to 6:00) an additional 30% fee is added to the initial tariff for the service.

2. the scope of work and the conditions for performing the work. Cancellation or postponement.

2.1 When placing an order, please describe the scope and specifics of the work as precisely as possible: are there long corridors, narrow openings, spiral or narrow staircases, number of floors,
whether there is an elevator, whether platform carts are needed, whether there is a need for furniture assembly/disassembly and packing, etc.
2.2 If the volume of the property is very different from the information previously provided, the firm has the right to cancel the order, or execute it partially by offering
alternative time for completion of the work.
2.3 If the client has not provided the appropriate conditions for the furniture assembly service (e.g. lack of space, lack of drawings etc.), additional fees may be charged
for the service (to be agreed with the customer).
2.4 If the client didn’t mention any heavy objects (piano, safe etc.) when placing the order, the crew will agree on an extra charge with the client and will do the work if
she is ready for it. Also, the crew has the right to refuse the work or offer an alternative time for the work.
2.4 Change of increase in the scope of work – no later than 24 hours before the agreed date.
2.5 Cancellation or postponement of the date of performance of the service – preferably not later than 48 hours before the agreed date.
2.6 In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before the agreed date, the customer is obliged to pay for 1 hour of the ordered service according to the price list.

3. Terms of packing services. Packing before moving.

3.1 To move reliably and safely, the goods to be moved must be packed properly either by us or by the customer. A few tips
for packaging, please follow the link.
3.2 If the goods to be transported have not been packed in advance, we will perform the packaging service in accordance with the price list.
3.3 Specially shaped objects, including fragile ones, are wrapped in paper and packed in boxes with lids.
3.4 When transporting works of art (paintings, etc.), the goods are grouped by frame size and packed in special boxes.
3.5 For transportation of large and fragile items, special wooden boxes are used.
3.6 Responsibility for the damage of the goods caused by the client (in case of reasonable handling and transport) is borne by the client himself (in case of reasonable handling and transport).
3.7 If the customer refuses to pack, we are not liable for damaged, contaminated property (for reasonable handling and transport).
3.8 If the volume of the goods to be packed is large, the customer must inform us in advance, so that the crew can take the necessary amount of packing material with them.

4. Ordering the service and terms of preparation for the move.

4.1 The order for the moving service or any other service can be placed both by e-mail and by phone.
4.2 When placing the order:
-Select the desired day and suitable time.
-Specify the exact loading and unloading address (in the case of relocation).
-Indicate the floors (in the case of relocation), if there is an elevator and any factors that prevent the movement of goods.
-Would you like to order additional services, for example: furniture assembly/disassembly, packing, removal of old furniture or packing materials, etc.
-It is desirable to describe the items to be moved as precisely as possible, as well as the size of large items.
-Note the presence of heavy objects (pianos, safes, etc.).
-Do you want to drive from address to address with your crew?
4.3 If access to your home is difficult, please make sure you are aware of this in advance.
4.4 To avoid increasing your costs and moving time, try to arrange a parking space in advance if there are problems with it.

5. Client Parking Conditions and Parking Times.

5.1 When moving, try to arrange a parking space and driveway as close to the building/entrance as possible in advance.
5.2 If the object of loading/unloading has paid parking, it is paid by the client or the amount for parking is added to the amount for the service.

6. Special loads and their moving.

6.1 Items weighing 100 kg and more which are handled only with the use of physical force are classified as special items. They will be charged
at a different price list and will be agreed on with the customer in advance.
6.2 Special lifting work is work where the unit being moved and/or transported has a weight for lifting which requires
6.2 Special lifting operations are operations where the item being moved and/or transported has a weight that requires additional physical strength or special lifting equipment, or has dimensions such that the item cannot pass through
doorways. In this case an additional fee may also be charged, which shall be agreed upon with the customer in advance.
6.3 In some cases heavy and bulky items are transported on euro pallets and additional packing material is used.
6.3 In some cases heavy and bulky items are transported on euro pallets and additional packing material is used.
6.4 The customer must inform in advance about the large-sized and especially heavy items (pianos, safes, etc.).

7. What is included in the cost of our services and notes on the terms of services provided.

7.1 The cost of moving services includes:
-The appropriate number of movers.
-Transport carts, special slings and straps for moving furniture, fastening belts, wrapping film (up to one roll free of charge), and necessary tools.
-Additional packing materials (bubble wrap, cardboard and plastic boxes, etc.).
-Transportation: from vans (15 m3 to 17 m3), to vans (21m3).
-Speed, responsibility, punctuality.
-Solving and carrying out complex tasks.
7.2 We do not charge extra for the floors.
7.3 VAT is added to the prices indicated in the table.

8. Liability.

8.1 We are liable for damage to the client’s property or building during loading or transport.
8.2 Our firm is not liable for the consequences caused by improper actions of the customer and third parties. This includes all types of material
damages and bodily injury.
8.3 We shall not be liable for any damage to the property if the client has not packed it correctly or if the client has refused to pack it at all.
8.4 After completion of the work, the client shall immediately check the integrity of the property. After that an Acceptance Act shall be issued, by signing which the client confirms that he has no claims.
which the client confirms that he has no claims.
8.5 In case of large and voluminous works, when it is not possible to check the integrity of the property immediately, the client is given 2 calendar days to check it and
to submit a claim. No claims will be accepted later. Possible disputes and misunderstandings will be settled by negotiation.
If no agreement is reached, the situation will be resolved according to the legislation in force in Estonia.

9. Additional information.

9.1 By ordering the service, the client confirms and agrees with the user conditions, which are reflected on the page www.fidstrans.ee.
9.2 Our firm is not responsible for the origin of the property and does not intervene in the division of the property.
9.3 The property shall belong to the client or he has the right or power of attorney to move it.
9.4 The hourly cost of services is indicated in the price list.
9.5 All prices in the table contain the turnover tax.
9.6 Individual approach to each client.

Relocation tips

Read these tips carefully, because they will help to significantly facilitate the process of your move, as well as save your time and money!


Proper packing is the most important requirement for a successful move. The safety of your things during transportation depends on the good packing.

Boxes protect your items much better than plastic bags. When choosing boxes, remember that their material must be strong enough to support the weight of other boxes that can be put on top during transport.

It will be easier for you and the movers to load and unload boxes if the weight of each box does not exceed 25 kilograms.

If you still deciede to use bags, then choose a material that will not break during the transfer. Some items can cut the bag – it is better to pack them in boxes or wrap into something.

The load inside the boxes should not hang out.

Shipping List and Box Marking

Use marker to mark all the contents of the boxes or even the room from which / to which you are transporting things. It will be easier for you to sort the goods and look for things after the move.

Give the boxes serial numbers to make it easier to check the integrity of the cargo after transportation.

Make one box with all essentials and transport it separately so that after moving you can quickly access its contents, such as tools, medicines, etc.


If you live in an apartment building, try to arrange with your neighbors and free up the nearest parking space so that the movers can quickly do their job – this way you will save time and money!

The most valuable things are recommended to be folded in a separate bag or box and take with you.

Put the box with the most valuable and fragile things on the top, and the most difficult – on the bottom.

Fix the load carefully and professionally so that during the movement boxs will not fall, tip over and damage the property.

Vehicles of the carrier company must have special equipment to fix the cargo.

To accelerate loading and unloading, make sure that the loaders will have a clear path to carry items – remove unnecessary items from the way.

General advices

Furniture handles shall be removed or twisted inside.

Remove cabinet doors or lock them in the closed position with a scotch tape. Small scarves can be wrapped with tape so that drawers and doors do not open during transport.

In the case of the transportation of electronics – take a picture of the connections prior to disassemblement. if will help you to connect themq uicker after the move.

Take a picture of the appartment electricity, gas and water counters, not to pay utility costs for other people.

Wrap dishes and fragile items in paper or towels.

Seal mirrors and glass with a wide tape. This will help to reduce the load on the surface, as well as relieve you of splinters, if the glass is damaged.

Choose the time to move so that transport does not stuck in traffic jam during rush hours – it will save you time and money.

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