Heavy loads

It is very difficult to carry particularly heavy loads, such as large appliances and furniture, on your own. There is a high probability of dropping and damaging property or causing damage to your health.
That is why our company offers not only standard loader services, but also transportation of especially heavy items. At first glance, this service does not differ from the usual handling operations, but it is not so.
The main feature of rigging works is the weight of transported cargo. It is much greater than the weight of standard items. This gives rise to the second feature – the use of various devices and mechanical equipment, without which to lift and transfer large loads is simply impossible.
Bulky goods include things weighing more than a hundred kilograms, for example:
– Heavy musical instruments such as pianos, pianos and grand pianos.
– Safes;
– Industrial equipment: Machine tools, industrial shelving;
– Non-disassembled furniture, such as antiques, heavy household appliances.
In addition, some of the special loads such as musical instruments require special transport conditions, of which our movers and drivers are aware. That is why we take great care when moving pianos, grand pianos, and pianos.
Our staff has extensive experience in moving and transporting large loads, so we know all the nuances of working with your possessions. In addition, our movers have all the necessary permits to work with large loads, are constantly improving their skills and fitness.
We equip our employees with only the highest quality devices and equipment for lifting heavy loads. We study new equipment in this area and frequently upgrade special equipment to ensure maximum safety of your property.
Some of the equipment we use for our work includes:
– Rigging belts – Specialized belts designed to carry heavy objects. Made of strong yet soft textile to withstand heavy weight, but not to leave scratches on the items being carried.
– Cargo transport cart – equipment that allows you to grab and transport loads weighing up to 200 kilograms through a metal grip and wheels.
– Hydraulic carts – equipment equipped with wheels and a hydraulic jack and designed for mechanical lifting of loads weighing up to 3 tons. Significantly speeds up the work and facilitates transportation.

Why choose our company?

– Competitive cost of services – we have some of the best prices on the freight market in Tallinn and nearby regions.
– Professional workers – our team consists of experienced professionals who are constantly evolving;
– Long-term experience – our company is represented in the cargo transportation market for over 9 years, during this time we have solved many complicated cases and acquired unique skills in working with heavy objects;
– Quality equipment – we use only quality tools and fixtures from proven manufacturers to be 100% confident in the safety and reliability of the equipment. This is especially true when working with especially heavy loads, because in the case of a fall, deformation and damage to property is inevitable;
– A lot of satisfied customers – we have organized delivery of special cargoes to both individuals and legal entities, including large companies, which were satisfied with our service and left a lot of positive feedback;
– Fast handling and execution of the order – we value our clients’ time, so we quickly respond to requests and phone calls, we always arrive at the pre-agreed time and do our work quickly.
You can order special cargo transportation separately or together with removal and assembly of furniture, loader service, international removal, long-distance removal and relocation within Tallinn and Harju County.
The cost of the service is calculated individually and depends on the nature of the items and the conditions of loading and unloading work, such as whether there is a freight elevator, the number of required loaders and the type of loading equipment. The minimum cost of the service is 60 Euros.
You can get detailed information about the service and an estimate for your case by telephone or e-mail. You can leave your contacts and order information on the official website in a special window, or order a call. Our operator will contact you at any convenient time and give detailed information about our services and accurate cost calculation based on your wishes and details of work.


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