International moving

Moving to another country is always more exciting, responsible, and complicated than a change of residence within one country. The probability that something will go wrong is extremely high. Our company offers international relocation services to relieve you of some of the burden during this difficult time.
To make your move even more convenient and comfortable for you, in addition to the basic service – international moving – we offer a number of additional services:
– Disassembly of large furniture at the old place and its reassembly at the new place;
– Dismantling of built-in furniture in the old place and its installation in the new;
– Rental of additional packing materials such as boxes;
– Removal of garbage left after the move;
– Careful packing of belongings (especially important for long journeys).
Our transport is best suited for moves because we use vehicles equipped with loading elevators. In addition, we have all the tools and equipment necessary for transportation, which greatly speeds up the process of loading and unloading.
In order to ensure maximum safety of the cargo during transportation, we additionally pack your items in materials that protect them from shocks and cushion them. We use bubble wrap, for example, which keeps things safe even when transported over long distances.
In addition, we carefully fill out all the waybills, carefully count and recalculate all the loaded and unloaded items, so you can be sure that all your belongings will arrive at your new place of residence or work.
We insure all items that are shipped, so that in the event of a force majeure event, such as loss or damage to the shipment or part of it, you will receive monetary compensation that will cover the loss. But you need not worry: we do our job well, so you will not have a chance to take advantage of insurance.
Our operators will monitor the location and all the movements of our cars, so you will always get up-to-date information about the location of your shipment. Also, our staff will let you know the basic information about changes in the status of your order at least once every few days.
We provide services both to individuals and legal entities. We transport cargo to Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and other European countries.
If you buy international moving service from us you get:
– Minibus rental with body volume of 13 or 17 cubic meters or van rental with body volume 21 cubic meters. Carrying capacity of vehicles – from 1,4 thousand to 2 thousand kilograms.
– From one to four movers – the number depends on the amount of work and is negotiated individually.
– Packaging for safe long-distance transportation – we offer the best quality packing materials to minimize damage to items during transportation.
– Tools and equipment necessary for lifting, loading and unloading, dismantling large furniture – our specialists use the best equipment to facilitate and speed up the moving process;
– Liability insurance – we officially insure the cargo so that you are financially protected against unforeseen circumstances.
The price for the service of international moving depends on many factors, such as the distance of transportation, time spent on services, weight and volume of cargo, the number of porters.
Additional nuances affecting the price:
– Kilometrage is calculated in total in both directions;
– The number of days during which the workers were in another country is taken into account;
– Road and customs fees are paid by the client.
In this connection the cost of moving is calculated individually for each order. To get an accurate calculation, you need to contact our manager by phone or e-mail, which is listed on our official website. There you will also find a special form that you can fill out to order our services.
Our specialists will calculate the moving costs for your specific order and tell you the cost during a personal call or by other means of communication. If you will not make any changes during the move and include additional services into your order, the cost which was voiced by the operator at the beginning of your collaboration, will not change by the end of the move.
Our long-term experience and established system of logistics allow us to organize any international shipments quickly and accurately. For many years of experience in the shipping market our specialists have thoroughly studied the problems that may arise on the road, and have learned not only to solve them, but also prevent them. So you can be sure that your cargo is in safe hands.
We carry out regular transport of property, furniture and other personal belongings to and from Spain.
As well as the country to Spain and vice versa. The price depends on the volume of transported goods, on average 250 euros per cubic meter.


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