Loaders services

Many people do not use the services of movers when moving, hoping that they will be able to move all the things themselves. However, often they do not manage to do it due to lack of suitable equipment, the required physical data or free time.
Our company provides services of loaders who will help you to transport, move and lift to the right floor bulky furniture and appliances, construction materials, heavy boxes during the move, to reshuffle the house, office or industrial premises.
You will not need to suffer with uncomfortable boxes and heavy closets, and after eliminate the consequences of time-consuming move, affecting the back, arms, joints and muscles. Our experienced and trained movers will do everything for you!
In addition to carrying ordinary things, we can lift, lower, and move safes, industrial machinery and equipment, antique furniture, pianos and other heavy musical instruments that require particularly careful transportation.
You can also order additional services where our movers can be useful: removal of large debris, such as construction, disposal of old furniture and household appliances, moving, including international.
We have equipped our team with all the necessary equipment and tools: hand winches, hydraulic carts, slings and belts – to make their work as easy and fast as possible.
In addition, our movers’ services include packing your belongings. We use only the most reliable and durable packing materials so you can be 100% sure of the safety and security of your cargo.
We hire only the best specialists – all our employees are carefully selected: interviewing and obtaining feedback from previous employers. Turning to us, you can be sure that reliable and decent workers will come to your order.
In addition, we collect and analyze feedback from our customers to listen to it and leave the movers with the highest reviews.
Our employees have all the qualities of a good specialist in this field:
– Excellent physical fitness – it allows our workers to carry the heaviest loads: cabinets that cannot be disassembled, pianos, safes.
– Accuracy – we treat our customers’ property with care, so our movers will move your cargo with the utmost care, leaving no chips, scratches or other damage on it.
– Spatial thinking – our workers can calculate the most comfortable and fastest way to transfer cargo, even in difficult cases: narrow passages, low ceilings, high steps.
– Many years of experience – allows us to organize transportation or relocation in the most efficient way to save you time and money.
– Versatility – our staff can not only carry heavy loads, but also qualitatively pack your belongings and help with moving.
– Punctuality – our employees arrive strictly at an agreed time so as not to disturb your plans.
– Attention to the clients’ wishes – our employees will listen to all your additional wishes before the service is provided, and they will obtain the exact result that you want to see.
The cost of the service will depend on the details of each particular order. The price depends on the type and weight of cargo to be moved, the number of loaders, working time, and additional services required. The minimum cost is 50 euros.
The price of the service will include:
– Packaging and packing material;
– Rigging belts, hydraulic cart and other professional tools our staff needs.
Nuances of the service:
– At the end of the first hour, the time of the service is counted in 15 minute intervals;
– If the service is provided in Tallinn, the time is counted from the moment the movers arrive at the customer’s address until all work is completed;
– If the service is provided in nearby cities, the time of arrival to the customer and the return trip time is added to the time of service provision;
– If the weight of the goods exceeds 100 kilograms, it falls into the category of “heavy loads. Carriage of such items is charged at a special rate.
For our calculation to be as accurate as possible, you will need to leave as much information in the application. This can be done by calling the number on our site, or by ordering a call there. Our operator will contact you and ask the clarifying questions.
Besides, you can contact us by e-mail or fill in a special form on our web page, detailing the details of your order and leaving your contact information.


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