Changing the environment and transporting the property is always a lot of stress, but FidsTrans OÜ specialists will help you reduce it by providing expert assistance in transporting of any type of cargo.

Our loaders will do all the work for you – your belongings will be disassembled, packaged, carefully delivered and carried. With us you save your time and energy. Moving with us is fast, comfortable and reliable

* Moving a standard 2-room apartment in one city (without assembling / disassembling furniture) takes ~ 3-4 hours.

International moving

Risks for your cargo rise with the distance. That is why with this type of transportation it is important to choose a company that pays special attention to the cargo.

We keep that in mind and use packaging with the use of protective and shock-absorbing materials. We also pay attention to overhead shipping, commodity accounting and property insurance.

* All international transfers are unique in their requirements, so the price is agreed with the customer, after receiving all the data.

Garbage removal

If you have rubbish or need to get rid of any old stuff, furniture and other rubbish, then we will help you with pleasure.

We will clean any room of rubbish, old household appliances and other things. We export everything to official landfills and our licence number is JÄ/334172. We do not charge additional fees for waste disposal, only the cost of intermediaries. Find out the price for recycling here.

* Garbage removal (including furniture, appliances, etc.) from a standard 2-room apartment costs ~ 350 € including the disposal.

Furniture assembly

If you have large furniture that needs to be disassembled for transportation, or just a wardrobe just bought or other furniture that needs to be assembled, our specialists are ready to do this work quickly and accurately.

You will protect yourself from furniture breakdowns, lost parts, and save time and efforts. We also carry out assembly and disassembly of children’s playrooms, store furniture, storage racks and other complex structures.

* Improper assembly of furniture can lead to breakdowns and a violation of appearance – trust the professionals!

Heavy loads

You risk their safety and health, trying to transport heavy loads yourself, therefore it is better to entrust the transportation of heavy items such as pianos, safes, industrial goods, etc. to professionals.

We have good experience, relevant skills and equipment for transporting this type of cargo.

* The price depends on the type of cargo and transportation conditions, such as, for example, the floor and an elevator.

Loaders services

Do you need physical power for simple rearrangement of furniture in an apartment, house or office, loading / unloading cargo or moving objects from place to place?

Our qualified and experienced loaders will help you to cope with any hard work, saving you time, energy, and most importantly – health!

* To work on a single object, you can save money by ordering any number of loaders without extra expenses for driver and a car!

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