Garbage removal

Our company provides services for the elimination of various types of waste: solid waste, furniture, including bulky, as well as construction waste. We will clean your premises after major repairs or general cleaning, we will help you get rid of old and unnecessary items and junk that sooner or later accumulate in any home.
We also offer removal of household appliances and electronics, including refrigerators and old televisions, which can not be thrown into the general landfill. By trusting us to remove appliances, you can be sure that they will be disposed of correctly and will not harm the environment.
We can also remove construction debris that is left after repairs, including capital repairs: old pipes, doors and doorways, flooring, glass and window frames, remains of plaster and concrete mixes, etc. Such garbage, like appliances, is not allowed to be disposed of with household waste, has a large mass and volume. It is against the law to take such waste to garbage sites and may result in administrative penalties.
Construction waste should be taken to waste collection stations that sort such waste, dispose of it and recycle items that can be recycled.
Waste is transported by means of our own machinery, equipment and vehicles.
Our employees have extensive experience in garbage collection and transportation, so you can rest assured that when the work is done, your home will be left clean and the garbage will be properly disposed of.
We also keep track of changes to current legislation regarding the handling of household waste so that our information and documentation is always up to date.

Advantages of our company

The main advantages of our company are:
– JÄ/334172 garbage collection license – our activities are fully legal and certified, so your garbage will be removed according to all the requirements of regulations and legislation.
– No extra fees – we only charge for our services and the cost of disposal set by the waste collection station price list.
– Competitive prices – no extra fees make our prices one of the best in the city.
– Tidy employees – our workers will do their work quickly, efficiently and neatly so that you only have to enjoy the cleanliness.

The cost and composition of the package of services

The service package includes:
– Minibus rental with a body volume of 13 or 17 cubic meters or a van with a body volume of 21 cubic meters. Carrying capacity of the offered transport varies from 1.2 to 2 thousand kilograms.
– Loaders – their number is determined individually;
– All the necessary tools, equipment and devices.
Our staff will come to the address showed in the application form in advance, dismantle old furniture, including built-in furniture, collect all garbage, and load it into the transportation means. If you call our team, you will not have to travel to the waste station, negotiate the disposal, disassemble and package the garbage.
In general it costs 350 euros to remove bulky or other types of garbage from a two-room apartment of average size and cluttering. This amount already includes the cost of disposal. However, the cost in each case is calculated individually.
The exact cost of the service will depend on the amount of junk, its type, and the time it takes to dismantle, collect, load into a vehicle, and dispose of it.
To order our services, you need to leave your contact information on our official website, order a call, call us or write to our email. In all cases an operator will contact you to make an accurate calculation of the cost of the order and find individual terms of cooperation, taking into account your wishes.
We work with both individuals and legal entities. It is possible to conclude a contract on long-term cooperation and permanent removal of waste, including industrial production, from the territory of your enterprise.


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