If you are looking for a moving company in Tallinn or Harju County, as well as its suburbs or another Estonian city, we offer our services. We have been making moves easy and comfortable for our customers for many years!
We offer to organize relocation both to individuals and legal entities. We can move personal items, apartment and office furniture, household appliances, industrial shelving, and machine tools.
Our main advantages are:
– Competitive prices – we offer some of the best prices on the market.
– Transparent pricing – we provide all the information about the price of the services before we start work, so you know exactly what and how much it will cost;
– Experienced employees – all of our employees are familiar with the industry;
– High quality of services – a large number of satisfied clients, including large companies, professional team and modern equipment confirm our high quality work.
Depending on the number of items and the complexity of the organization of transportation, our company offers several modes of service, which can optimize your work and save your money and time:
1. only transportation – the service includes a minibus with the volume of the body of 13 or 17 cubic meters and carrying capacity of 1.4 tons or a van with the body of 21 cubic meters, the elevator and carrying capacity of 2 tons. We also provide a driver who does not do the work of the movers.
2. only loader – available when ordering service within the city of Tallinn or Harju County. Will help to load and unload the property, lift to the floor and bring things into the apartment. An extra 18 euros per call is added to the cost of the service. 3.
One loader and a minibus or van. 4.
4. Two movers and a minibus or van.
5. Three movers and a van.
When ordering services with a loader and a minibus or van, the price also includes one roll of wrapping film.
In addition, we equip our movers with all the necessary devices and equipment for moving loads: rigging straps and slings, cargo and hydraulic carts for transporting particularly heavy furniture and household appliances.
Our movers will help you to disassemble the furniture when moving, packing your belongings, carry out and bring furniture, appliances, boxes. Our employees are neat and attentive to all your belongings, so you can be sure that the property will not be damaged in the process of transfer and transportation.
We are carefully selecting our employees, so that only the most experienced, accurate, and professional masters of their craft will come to your orders. Our drivers do not violate any traffic rules, so that your belongings will not be endangered. Therefore, you can safely entrust them your property and do not worry about its safety.
The cost of moving depends on many factors. The price will vary depending on the number of movers required, the time spent on the service and the road for long-distance moves, the weight or volume of the transported cargo, property or furniture, the day of the week.
Additional conditions and notes:
– For long-distance transportation, round-trip mileage is included;
– For long-distance transport the mileage and time of the movers are billed separately;
– Floor charges are not applicable;
– When transporting goods within Tallinn the time is counted from arrival to the customer and ends after the service has been provided;
NB:In average it takes 3-4 hours to move a two-room apartment within one city.
– If the transportation takes place in the suburbs of Tallinn, the return journey time is also taken into account when calculating the price;
– Items weighing more than 100 kilograms are heavy and are charged at a special rate.
If you do not want to spend time on the organization of the move, moving your belongings, buying materials and boxes, carefully packed all the property, we can offer you moving services “turnkey”. It includes providing a vehicle, movers, rent or sale of packing materials and tools, the transfer of special goods, disassembly and dismantling of large and built-in furniture, cleaning and garbage removal.
Our employees will do all the work for you. You will only have to rejoice at the upcoming changes in your life.
Contact our company by e-mail or phone to get an exact individual quote. You can also leave a request in the special form or order a call on our official website. In the nearest future our employee will contact you to discuss details of the move, necessary services and provide you with an individual commercial offer.


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